Saginaw Industries, a leading provider in foam molding, lost foam technology, and assembly fixtures, sets sights on aerospace & defense expansion.

Starting out in 1998 as Saginaw Pattern & Machine, Saginaw Industries, LLC has progressed beyond its roots as a traditional pattern shop and now offers a full suite of services including Engineering Design, CNC Machining, Custom Fabrication, and Detailed Assembly.

Located just north of Detroit and Automation Alley in Oakland County, Michigan, Saginaw Industries has been a valued supplier for automotive companies for decades. With the recent appointment of John Shelton as President of Saginaw Industries, the company is setting its sights on expanding the company’s aerospace and defense capabilities.

“There’s a significant need in many manufacturing operations that Saginaw Industries can fill – from foam molds to lost foam molds to secondary tooling to custom assemblies, the products and services we provide are as important to aerospace and defense, marine, and recreational vehicles as they are to automotive,” says Shelton. “Our number one goal is to provide solutions that enhance our clients’ manufacturing gains.”

Simultaneous with Shelton’s onboarding, Saginaw Industries rebranded from Saginaw Pattern & Machine to reflect the company’s expanded capabilities and outlook for the future. The company’s new website,, guides visitors, through updated photography and simple navigation, through Saginaw Industries’ manufacturing services, products, and expertise.

From 5-axis machining with on-demand turnaround times to custom fabrication from a single-invoice supplier, and more, Shelton is committed to growing Saginaw Industries’ solutions portfolio.

“Manufacturing needs across all industries are evolving rapidly. Our design and assembly teams have met each unique challenge on schedule and have been a driving force in supporting our clients’ operations,” Shelton adds. “Our service and product portfolio has grown substantially in the last six months, and we’re on track to keep building solutions that matter to OEMs and larger manufacturing sites.”

For more information about Saginaw Industries, please visit or call 1-989-752-5514.

About Saginaw Industries

Saginaw Industries, LLC is a premier production solutions provider specializing in foam and lost foam technologies and an industry-leader in billet foam tooling. Established in 1998, Saginaw Industries has enhanced operations to include Engineering Design, CNC Machining, Custom and Production Fabrication, and Detailed Assembly. For more information on our full range of capabilities, visit