Aluminum Mold Design

Saginaw Industries specializes in the design and manufacturing of billet foam molds. It’s what we do best!

  • Foam Molds

    • Hold tighter dimensions over cast molds
  • Design, Frame Fabrication, Paint, Assembly

  • Max: 27in x 60in x 8in (W x L x H)

  • Delivered “Turn-Key”

Mold Design Skill and Expertise

The design engineers at Saginaw Industries have been designing and building molds for over 20 years. Our in-house team has the background and ability to work out creative solutions to the most challenging design manufacturing problems.

Our designers are highly proficient users of state-of-the-art software including Unigraphics (UGNX) Modeling Software. They analyze the part design and make recommendations or modifications based on key requirements including product usage and function.

Some considerations may include:

  • What is the part’s application and how will it be used?
  • Is it a component of a larger assembly or a standalone product?
  • What are the dimensional and tensile requirements?
  • Will the part need to withstand certain elements, chemicals or pressure?

To discuss your specific application, reach out to Saginaw Industries today. We’ve been providing molding services since 1998 and we’ll work closely with your team to develop the best solution for your needs.

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